Though he has spent most of his life in academia, Andrew Maness has always had a love for racing. The nuances of motorsports attracted him at a young age. Tiny adjustments that could make a car’s handle go from undrivable to perfect; a driver’s changing a line by six inches to gain a tenth-of-a-second; a crew chief’s calling for a short-pit to get back onto the lead lap — those fine moments are what causes Maness to identify auto racing as “beautiful,” rather than cars simply logging laps.

Andrew Maness performs economic research during the work week. His economic interests include housing economics, financial economics, and sports economics. Maness earned his B.S. Mathematics from Kansas State University in 2010. Two years later, he completed his M.A. Economics from Wichita State University. Clearly, quantitative analysis is one of the author’s strengths.

Maness views the NASCARnomics project as the perfect blend of his two passions. That marriage of motorsports and critical thinking ultimately comes to a head at NASCARnomics.com.